Vic Neufeld and his area of expertise

May 17, 2019
Victor Neufeld or Vic as fondly called by his friends and colleagues is a man whose expertise is in financial accounting and management. He never imagined that he would excel in such industry. Vic Neufeld was a peach farmer in a small town in Ontario. Vic and his brothers were exposed to the reality of life at an early age. Life was difficult but Vic has assured himself that he doesn’t want to be a farmer.

After graduating from middle school, he left his hometown to pursue his college education. Vic Neufeld took up a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Accounting, and Finance from the University of Western Ontario. He also has an honor’s degree in business and an MBA in accounting and finance from the University of Windsor.

Vic Neufeld's attitude towards work

Vic Neufeld’s successful career is attributed to his excellent work ethics. Vic Neufeld is dedicated and committed to his work. Once he sets his eyes on the goal, he never settles until he reaches his goal. He has a go-getter attitude and takes on new challenges with enthusiasm. His zest for work and life are truly remarkable.

Victor attributed his success to the kind of discipline and upbringing his father instilled in him. He was trained to work hard for what he needs at an early age. His father was a disciplinarian and up until today, he applies in his work and personal life the kind of teaching his father taught him. His father was from Germany who happened to move to Canada after World War II. Their life in a small town in Ontario is not pleasant. In fact, they belong to the poorest sector. His father has to sharecrop from other peach farmers just to make ends meet. Years passed by and his father was able to save money and buy a small farm.

Vic and his three brothers were asked to help on the farm. Right after school and after doing household chores, Vic and his brothers would go to the farm to help their father. Their only rest day is Sunday, which is dedicated to worship and family time. His childhood experiences have made him a man of integrity. He knows that there is no shortcut to success. If you want to be successful, you need to work hard for it. That’s the kind of upbringing that Vic carries with him even up to this day.
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